Hi there!

My name is Erica Hernandez and I am a creative, kitchen-loving wife and dog mom. I love crafting healthy recipes and meal prepping. Healthy Crumbz meal prep is my go-to that saves time, money, and my sanity every week.
Food is what brings people together on so many different levels. I love to try all types of food but I will always have a passion for Mexican food.
My biggest inspiration for cooking is my father who is the master chef of the family. Both of my parents are from Mexico and I visit their hometown every year, where I get inspired by Mexican dishes. I also love to travel and learn about other cultures and their staple recipes.
I created Healthy Crumbz to inspire others to eat healthier and meal prep. Every recipe is crafted with whole foods and meal prep offers you the convenience of having your meals ready for the week while eliminating waste and unnecessary spending and enabling you to eat healthier.
Follow along and join me in meal prepping every week! You can find me on Instagram @healthycrumbz or via email healthycrumbz@gmail.com