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Chicken burrito bowls have been a TOP favorite since I started doing meal prep. Every ingredient that makes up this bowl adds an extra punch of flavor and the end result is super tasty!


What you need for 5 meals:

chicken, burrito bowls, corn, black beans, salsa, cheese, rice


1.) Grill chicken on stovetop or bake in the oven until its well cooked (no pink areas). 

2.) Steam rice in rice cooker. 

3.) While chicken and rice are cooking, chop cilantro and wash and cut limes. 

4.) Pour salsa into (5) 2 oz containers. See link below for my favorite salsa.

5.) Once rice is ready, let it cool and add limes and cilantro, mixing them in.

6.) Once chicken is ready, let it cool and dice it. 

7.) Prep your bowls! I like to start by adding the salsa containers first followed by the chicken. See below to see how I do the rest. Just divide all food evenly & your lunch is ready for the week!


Homemade, chicken burrito bowls with salsa, corn, beans, cheese, meal prep


I usually make my own salsa verde (recipe coming soon!), but I highly recommend this store bought one. Super delish! 



For my favorite meal prep containers, click here: https://snappakusa.com/




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February 22, 2020

Could you use a lower carb rice substitution? Cauliflower rice or possibly quinoa or brown rice?

Elybeth Aquino
Elybeth Aquino

July 30, 2019

It’s like taking a bite into an authentic restaurant! I believe passionate people create wonderful products. You can definitely see the passion through the food. This is not just any meal prep service, this is a service that genuinely cares about the flavor and value of the food fueling an individual. Simply… delicious!

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